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High Flexibility Engine with Various Sound Files. Supporting Mobile DLS, and iPad / iPhone / Android. Suitable for Mobile-phones, Home-electronics, Toys, Tele-matics.
We are currently stop providing a new license. We are planning to announce about resuming on here.

Sound Library

  • Support DLS (Downloadable Sounds)
    • De facto Standard format for Wave Table Synthesizer
    • Mobile DLS (Mobile XMF / 3GPP) Standard
    • DLS Level 1 / 2
  • Provide Various Wave Table Library Sets for Demanded Specification
    • Sound Module Type
      • GM
      • Roland GS Compatible
      • Mobile-phone
    • File Size : Variable
    • Additional Customized Presets

Synthesizer Engine Library

  • High Portability
    • Independent from OS/CPU/Platforms
  • MIDI Module Specification
    • GM (General MIDI)
    • GS (Roland)
  • Supported Various Targets
    • Light Processing -> for Embedded (Mobile Phone / PDA / Smart Phone)
    • High Quality -> for Professional Karaoke / Instruments
  • Internal Effects
    • Reverb
    • Chorus
    • Delay
    • EQ

MIDI Player Library

  • Provide MIDI File Player API
    • Easy to Construct Player / KARAOKE Applications
    • Provide Time Synchronization Method for Lyric, etc.
    • Support Key / Tempo / Guide Melody Control
    • Sample Accurate MIDI Rendering
    • Can be used as MIDI to Wave File Converter
  • Support Various OS and Platforms
    • iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, ... etc.
  • Support Various Standard File Formats
    • SMF (Standard MIDI File), MIDI Triggered Wav / AIFF / ADPCM, etc.
    • M-compression® (Original Compression Engine for Ringtone File)

MIDI Driver Library

  • Provide Real-time MIDI API
    • Replace Hardware MIDI Module
    • Easy to Construct Virtual Instrument, MIDI Sequencer, etc.
  • Support Various OS and Platforms
    • iOS, Andorid, Windows, Linux, ... etc.
  • Low-Latency Solution
    • iOS + CoreAudio
    • Android NDK + OpenSL
    • Windows PC + Steinberg / ASIO 2.1


And More...

  • Various MIDI Authoring Tools
    • Various File converters Available
    • Support Software Instrument Plug-In (VST / AU: Audio Units)
  • Customization
    • Porting to Specified OS and Platforms
    • Add Various Algorithm and Effects
    • Add New File Format
    • AVGM (Advanced Voice Guide for Music)
      • MIDI + TTS (Text to Speech) for Karaoke Applications

Introduction Results

Avid Scorch

Avid Scorch
Avid Technology, Inc.


SegaKara (Japanese Only)
SEGA Corporation

Smart Karaoke Smart Karaoke (Japanese Only)
SAN Home Entertainment Co., Ltd.
FingerPiano Plus FingerPiano Plus
Mr. Junpei Wada
Cut Feeling

Cut Feeling (Japanese Only)
Cut Feeling - BAMBINA ver. (Japanese Only)
Attic Arcade,inc.

FingerPiano Share FingerPiano Share
DensanSystem Co.,Ltd.
Musical DNA Musical DNA
Musical DNA Software, LLC.
Small Fish Small Fish
ZKM | Zentrum fu¨r Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe
iShara iShara
Swar Systems
Home Concert Xtream Home Concert Xtream
Zenph Sound Innovations
Sweet MIDI Player Sweet MIDI Player
Roni Music
Pixound Pixound
Techné Media
Chromatone Lite Chromatone for iPad
Chromatone Lite for iPad
tokyo yusyo Inc.
Sheet Music Direct for iPad Sheet Music Direct for iPad
Hal Leonard Corporation
Canary.fm Canary.fm
Canary.fm LLC

ScaleTone ScaleTone

Band-in-a-Box For iPad
PG Music Inc.

MusicScore Pro3 MusicScore Pro3
Silver Star Japan Co,.Ltd.
Cut Feeling WaveSynth Pro
WaveSynth for Android
Cut Feeling Percussions Cut Feeling Percussions+
Cut Feeling Sanshin Cut Feeling m16
TikTakt TikTakt Tambourine Tambourine
Cut Feeling Metronome 3D    


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  • Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States and other countries.
  • GS is a trademark of Roland Corporation.
  • AVGM is a trademark of XING INC.
  • VST, ASIO is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.